August 27 Joy Journals with Michelle Bukowski


August 27 Joy Journals with Michelle Bukowski

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Participants will be led by Nashville mixed-media reuse artist, Michelle Bukowski in a two-hour workshop making Joy Journals.

Participants will create covers using recycled paper, paint, and magazine images. The group will learn how to use a saddle stitch to bind their journals. Collage will be used on the inside covers and the completed journal is the perfect place to record (either with words, drawing or collage images) things that bring you joy.

The workshop begins with a quick, creative warm-up. All materials are provided and participants will leave with at least one completed journal and possible covers for a second journal.

August 27, 2018

6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

$35 includes instruction and supplies. Bring your friends!

Reserve your spot now!  Due to class size and instruction, space is available for 10 guests only.

Includes instruction, supplies, AND supports the Divine Art Café Mission: providing a culinary training facility for individuals who need a second chance—individuals who have successfully completed a recovery program, individuals with disabilities and elderly individuals

Artist Bio

Michelle Bukowski is a mixed media artist residing in Nashville, TN.  Her works feature hand crafted canvases, acrylic paints, watercolors, fabric, drawing inks and a variety of papers and photographs to create images inspired by nature, color and textures. 

She has had solo shows and participated in collaborative shows in Nashville since 2014.

Artist statement

I am drawn to mixed-media art because it gives me the ability to experiment, fail, and succeed. Wanting to skip the traditional canvas and use unconventional objects, I started experimenting with granola bar boxes as my canvas and now use window frames, glass, granite and wood.

In my many trips to antique shops or the flea market, I’m attracted to the old and vintage.  Discovering materials in assorted states of despair, I conceptualize new life and uses for them. I enjoy the challenges of hunting and repurposing them into art and my process resides in time and patience. Items speak to me for their texture, style or shapes and often takes months until they find their place.

Along the way, I’ve discovered the therapeutics benefits of creativity.  Art allows me to express myself, to explore my emotions and to relax after a long day.  It helps to work through and resolve problems when I’m freely letting my creativity flow.

FREE PARKING LOCATED ACROSS THE STREET FROM CAFE on West Eastland Avenue.    Enter the driveway located between the white condos called The Eastland and the Rite Aid building.  Park in the open lot or the covered garage.